Julien Courtois (Clos de la Bruyère)



Julien says, "we make wines that are different, natural and rich in values that come from a reasonable approach to the wine production process. It gives them a unique taste."
Julien and Heidi cultivate their vineyards, about 40 years old, on a farm called "Clos de la Bruyère".
The estate was founded in 1998 in Soings-en-Sologne, quite deep in the interior of the Loire region. Julien’s father is also the famous winemaker Claude Courtois with whom he also started making wines and from whom he adopted how to take care of the vineyard. Its goal is to always have lower yields to ensure optimal concentration, it works in close relationship with natural cycles, waiting for optimal grape ripeness before it starts harvesting. The basement also relies on the simplest, basic working methods.
Labels of these wines are a Maori design drawn by Heidi Kuka, Julien’s partner.